Creating Miss H. Who is that?

Miss H? Doesn't that mean lady? Ok Miss H, we may understand that in a modern World where feminist movements are so prevalent, you may have given your collective a title that ignites a feeling of female nurture, allowance and safety- but surely that is also a little excluding, stereotypical and 1D?

In a World like today- I say on paper absolutely yes (!!) and without disregarding the the male VS female debate and what that represents, Miss H Collective is built on the premise of challenging societal norms on every, single front, through art.

Google describes a Collective as the following: "a cooperative enterprise" "done by people acting as a group."

I suppose that we all are entities of our experiences, opportunities, defeats and victories; and businesses, organisations and foundations are built on the values of the creators in combination with their personal experiences being reflected into their opinion of where a gap in the market lies.

For me personally, creating a collective based on art must be a bit of shock to many people in my World. I am someone who has a background in professional sports and one that isn't too distant in the past. I retired from professional tennis about 2.5 years ago due to injury and today I stand a very different person. One that likes themselves a lot more, and for art I am grateful for that.

You may ask, well if my background is in sports why create a collective on the basis of art.. Art has been an outlet for me, my whole life. It is my medium to learning, expressing myself and connecting with like minded people and I love how liberal and accommodating it can be for all.

Imagine a World where we all did fit into the society's mainstream idea of what one should be. Sexuality, gender roles, career paths, age expectations, clothing choices, what your hair looks like- ah wow, would we like each other a little more?

What is the hardest thing in this World? Perhaps trusting your gut and being your true authentic self. I started this collective to say thank you to art for giving me the confidence to grow into my own person, one that I wanted to be, and one that I am learning to allow to keep on morphing, and to increase and highlight the power of expression and education that I find it holds.

The power of creativity is that it can be so individual, yet so collectively understood; and it has the power to create a safe space, challenge societal misconceptions, celebrate our time and progress in the World today and educate us on a different perspective through a different means other than dictation. Often I find that people only think Art is found in galleries or museums, yet we are surrounded by public displays of art and artists on a daily basis.

Even though currently I run the collective as a one man show, when talking about it- I address it as what ‘we’ do, as for me, Miss H Collective is not about me- it is about the collective power and growth that is possible in the shared enthusiasm in sharing, in creating collectively, inspiring collectively and having a platform that allows for expression. I want Miss H collective to be a platform for shining a light on emerging artists and making their art accessible to their surrounding community, encouraging the production of creative work and promote education through expression for any age.

Over the past 18 months, I myself have been on a journey of trying out different looks, changing my hair, 'exploring myself', learning to answer the question: 'Why did you make your hair blue?' with 'because I wanted to' not with 'Um quarter life crisis.?.' Together with Photographer Tatyana Levana and Art Director, Roxanne Simpson we embarked on a journey to explore the idea of how expressing yourself aesthetically does not mean you change who you are at your core.

Art Direction: Roxanne Simpson

Photographer: Tatyana Levana

Subject: Jessica Simpson

Styling: Roxanne, Tatyana, Jessica "There was a moment where Jessica had a dream to make her hair every colour in the rainbow and I thought hey well this is a perfect opportunity to play dress up and start a visual story. Ever since a kiddy I have loved the theatre that comes with a camera and I guess the escape from reality that comes with it. I’m a designer by trade, but find any excuse to get off my chair to be on-set. Art direction lends itself to design in a physical way. Instead of arranging elements on an artboard, elements are arranged within a physical space and I love that about it. I had a chat with Tatyana Levana and together we decided to go for it. Jess had the colourful hair, we loved to create stories.

When one colours their hair, I found it somewhat interesting that people tended to point out the obvious of ‘Hey your hair is pink?’ whether this is a rhetorical question, a statement or a cue for an explanation from the wearer, it was just an interesting thing to observe. The observation lead itself to the idea of drawing attention to the colour of the hair by blending it with its background and styling, suggesting that the wearer remains the same, it is merely the environment that reacts accordingly."

So to answer your first question. This collective is not about acting as a female figure, for me it is a dedication to someone I hold very dear to my heart, and to you, and to your friend and to your friend's friend- Miss H represents a she / a he / a they / an it / someone else / something else- but it is a collective encouragement, collective voice in encouraging you to embody your own personal being in whatever form that may be, and art allows you to find that within its medium through your own eyes, and in whatever depth you wish to dive into. I look forward to changing and growing with you all in celebrating our commonalities and rejoicing in and encouraging our differences.

We are all Miss H. Love JessXXX



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